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The storage facility pests are different kinds of organisms causing damages in storage and processing of food products. They sometimes are very harmful, because they durably damage food products, agriculture products or wood products. The storage facility pests are divided into three separate groups: rodents, mites and insects. We will focus in this section of our store on the two latter ones.

Storage facility pests – how to fight them off?

There are many advanced methods of fighting off storage facility pests. One of them if fogging treatment. It depends on spraying fog in the area of the storage facilities. The used preparations remain on the surface, but they do not damage food, whereby they are completely safe.

Disinsectizations are also treatments, which are also used so frequently, which means in general actions to eradicate all sorts of mites and insects and to prevent their larvae from infesting.

We recommend a wide range of products addressed to persons and institutions fighting off storage facility pests. The preparations available in our store ensure reliability and satisfaction of the obtained effects.