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Parasites (blood-sucking), as their name tells, are the insects feeding on blood (so called Hematophagy) first of all of the vertebrae. We distinguish two kinds of species: species of the first group drink blood in all the phases of their development, members of the second group drink blood only in their development phase commonly known as the imago.

All kinds of the parasites create a substantial risk for both people as well as domestic animals. They cause skin changes, allergic reactions, itchiness, which in the consequence can be the cause of different unpleasant diseases. The best known parasites, with which we may have a direct contact are: ticks, fleas, bed bugs and flying ones - mosquitoes.

In order to effectively fight off these germs you should care for your hygiene and from time to time have your animals de-infested. In case we seen disturbing symptoms of their presence, application of special protective means is necessary.

Preparations for parasite control

Fortunately there is no shortage of such means in the market. They are available in different forms (liquids, sprays, pellets). In the VACO store we have the products of the best manufacturers in this field. Positive opinions of our customers allow to state that they react very effectively and are enough not only for a single but for a few applications. Thanks to this you can save your time and money.