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Disinfection (decontamination) with efficient disinfection means results in destruction of germs such as: bacteria, Rickettsia, viruses, fungi and their endospores. The following elements should be subject to disinfections: floors, walls, machines and devices and benchtops in food industry and catering. In medical care institutions the entire isolation wards and medical equipment. Transport means are also disinfected.

Why is it worth to apply disinfection?

  • It eliminates the risk of viral infection
  • It kills dangerous bacteria, viruses and germs
  • The disinfectant preparations react very quickly
  • It is well tolerated by people and animals

Means to control Covid-19

Our offer comprises also effective means of Covid-19 prophylaxis and post contact sanitizers. Different kinds of hand washing gels, dispensers, masks and face shields as well as preparations for surfaces will allow you to significantly diminish the risk of infection with the dangerous virus.