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Rodents are dangerous pests and they are difficult to eradicate. Whenever they appear in our objects, they may cause substantial loss. Rats are among the most dangerous pests that can carry diseases contagious to people.

How to eradicate rodents?

A common means of fighting all sorts of the rodents are: mouse traps and rat traps. Very often the devices of this kind allow to get rid of the presence of these troublesome mammals. However, when the traps do not give a positive result, more radical means should be applied, such as rodenticides. They appear in forms of pellets, powders or solutions. It is enough to mix a relevant consistency and wait for reacting of the means.

The next good method to eradicate rodents are specially prepared deratization stations. The products from our offer are excellent for application outdoor and they perfectly match with the environment.

Repeller for mice and rats LS-927M
Repeller for mice and rats LS-927M
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