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There are hundreds or even thousands of them in the air. They can make things unpleasant in life biting or producing noises e.g. at night when they fly over our beds effectively bre: aking our peaceful sleep. They are difficult to locate, fast and agile, and therefore hard to catch. In case of some species as e.g. Indian-meal moth (plodia interpunctella) and common clothes moth the time is not on our side, therefore it is crucial to discover their presence as soon as possible.

Flying insects, that is what?

We can specify many different flying insect species, which include among others: black flies, mosquitoes, Indian-meal and clothes moths, flies, drosophilae, wasps and hornets. Undoubtedly all of us have already had or will wave a contact with all of them, therefore it is good to know that there are very good methods of protection against the flying insects and methods of their eradication.

In this section you will find a broad range of products intended just for fighting off these pests. We can separate a few kinds of products i.e. traps, sticky papers, insecticide plates or special insecticide lamps.