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Many persons ask this question, as they do not quite know what they cope with. That is why we explain. The darkling beetles are small creatures, which love to dwell in storage facilities with products of animal, plant and starch origin.

The best known species of the darkling beetle is mealworm or liter beetle. It features elongated, flattened body in black or brown color. This kind of pests, apart for the fact that they live in food products eaten by people, create a risk for breeding animals, because they contaminate fodder mixes. They must be effectively controlled to prevent transferring of dangerous viruses.

Darkling beetles– how to eradicate them?

Hot and cold fogging preparations can be helpful. One of them is the Aspermet 200 EC. It is a high quality product. It is applied inside and outside of rooms, i.a.: factory halls, storage facilities, animal sheds and public buildings, including hospitals (except for patient wards), kindergartens and offices, taking special precautions. The preparation is based on natural pyrethrin. It remains active for a few weeks.

The Bombex Perm 25 CS Focus professional is also extremely effective. It is the insecticide means in the form of microcapsules with suspension to be diluted with water, reacting in contact and if swallowed, intended to fight off different species of insects. The preparation can be applied with common manual and backpack sprinklers or using special equipment, which can guarantee ultralow volume sprinkling (ULV) or by “hot” fogging.