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Even though birds are nice animals, which most of us like, they can spread contagious diseases. The substances contained in their droppings are a real ecological bomb, hazardous to our health. Besides, the birds can be harmful, because they can durably destroy building elevations and make them unaesthetic at the same time.

How to scare birds off?

For this reason, you will also find in our store the products to scare off these kinds of animals. We have in our offer among others ECO Spray for pigeons and other birds containing natural ethereal oils, which constitute a natural barrier for birds. It effectively discourages them from staying in places of its application, e.g. windows, ledges, roofs, sidewalks, moldings.

We also have a nesting box "WRÓBEL II" type P. The product is intended for a few bird species i.e.: black redstart, spotted flycatcher, white wagtail, European robin. The box should be fixed up to 2 m above the ground, in a secluded location in order not to scare the arriving birds.