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The running pests are i.e. all kinds of cockroaches, ants or silverfishes. We can meet them in our houses when they crawl or walk on the ground. They are harmful because they destroy our food stores, contaminate food or they can badly bite us at night.

Most of the people notice their presence only after a consecutive bite, however you can notice their traces earlier on e.g. the sheets in bed. Complete eradication of these insects is not always so simple and for this purpose you should reach out for preventive means. Whereas in more complicated situations it is necessary to hire a professional company performing disinsectization treatments.

Methods of fighting off running pests

There are very many methods of fighting off running pests. They comprise traps, powders, plates, gels or liquids. Each of these products has in its contents attractants, thanks to which they attract the pests and eradicate them effectively.