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Disinsectization is an unusually effective treatment used in order to eliminate all sorts of insects. This method enables quick and effective eradication of pests. In our store you can buy 3 kinds of products, which are intended just for execution of disinsectization treatments: preparations, traps, devices. We recommend you to get familiar with the offer and we will provide you help in case of any questions.

Methods of disinsectization

We can distinguish a few methods of execution of disinsectization. They chiefly result from the size of problems, which we have with insects and their occurrence thaw we have to cope with.

Methods of disinsectization can be distinguished as:

  •    Thermal fogging 
  •    Disinsectization by spraying 
  •    ULV fogging 
  •    Disinsectization with gel

These solutions can be applied on one’s own, using special preparations intended for disinsectization or using companies specialized in execution of such services.