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UV-C radiation immutably destroys bacteria, mold, fungi as well as all the kinds of other germs. The radiation is active only when the pests are located in the area of the emitted rays. This kind of radiation is created by discharges in mercury in low pressure.

Types of UV-C lamps: 

P – portable, S – ceiling mounted, N – wall mounted 

In order to obtain the interim air disinfection effect in a room with a lamp it should be switched on for ab. 15 to 20 minutes.

Application of UV-C lamps

The solutions of this kind can be applied in different types of objects.

Most frequently these are:  

  •   Hospitals 
  •   Consulting offices and surgeries
  •   Cosmetic industry
  •   Food industry
  •   Trade
  •   Services (i.a. hairdressers’, professional cleaning companies)
  •   Catering
  •   Hotels

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