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You will find here different types of preparations for insect control. Thanks to our products you will quickly and easily get rid of ticks, inure yourselves to malicious mosquitoes or protect yourselves against the wasp family insects.

Advantages of insect control preparations

  •     Durable effect
  •     Easy application
  •     They control insects at contact, via stomach and gas
  •     They react on a few kinds of insects
  •     Some of them are intended for spraying indoor and outdoor of rooms
  •     Preparations to control insects of the types such as ticks, flies, mosquitoes are also intended to be used by children

Large selection of preparations

In the VACO store you have a large range of preparations in different forms. They are, among others, liquids, gels, sprays, smoke candles, pastes or concentrates to be diluted with water. We have the specifics from the best producers in the market that are widely esteemed and known for their efficiency.