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Thorough disinfection of rooms is very important. It especially concerns the places where food is stored, in sanitary objects, in hospitals or veterinarian surgeries.

What to disinfect rooms with?

There are many chemical and physical means, with which we can perform thorough disinfection of rooms. The most effective method is combining together both of these ways because the most positive results are obtained. Activities of this type are especially recommended in the time of COVID-19 pandemic.

Chemicals used for disinfection

Preparations for disinfection of rooms comprise in their composition many groups of compounds able to kill pathogenic microorganisms.

We can count with them i.a.: 

  •    Oxidants
  •    Alcohols
  •    Quaternary ammonium compounds (QACs)
  •    Crystal violet
  •    Halogenic compounds
  •    Acids and alkalis
  •    Heavy metal compounds

If you are looking for means for external surface disinfection, biocidal product or e.g. antibacterial sets, all the above mentioned products are just in this section. We invite you to browse it and we wish you pleasant shopping.