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If you are looking for an efficient method that will allow for safe and quick getting rid of intrusive insects it is worth taking advantage of a wide scope of insecticidal lamps. In our store we have sticky insecticidal lamps, Taser lamps, fluorescent lamps, sticky cartridges and fan lamps.

This kind of light devices prove themselves well in elimination of insects that dwell in rooms. A modern design and simple operation cause that they will find application both at homes, in maintenance rooms as well as at large companies, in workshops or production halls.

Method of operation of insecticidal lamps

The principal operation of the insecticidal lamps is attracting insects to them and then immobilizing them. Depending on the model, there are different elements applied in the lamps of this kind, which are supposed to fulfil the above tasks.  

There are 3 main models:

  •  Sticky insecticidal lamps   
  •  Taser lamps
  •  Fan lamps

Even though each of them fulfils the same objective the element, which differs them are the particular insects, which they are intended for and for which they react better.